Expression of interest to present at the FitEx
Conference 2019 (23 / 24 November)

Please note this expression of interest needs to contain full information on the session you are offering to be considered for presentation at Fitex 2019.

Please note that the information contained in this expression of interest to present is used to determine session selection, timetables and equipment availability. Please note that incomplete applications will limit your ability to request equipment later (as the schedule is designed to minimise conflicting equipment and room requests).

Name (as per passport):
Also known as:
Your email address:
An automatic confirmation email will be sent to this email address. If you do not receive this within 30 mins, please email info@fitex.co.nz to check to see if your application was received.
Your landline phone number
(Including international and area codes):

Your mobile phone number
(Including international and area codes):

If you are presenting for another organisation, please name them:
Note: This means that the named organistion will pay for your flight accommodation and transfer costs. In return will be named as the sponsor of your session(s).

Have you presented at the FitEx conference before?
If no, then please answer the remaining three questions in this section. Otherwise, please skip to the next section.
Industry Experience and background:
Previous experience presenting at similar events: (please detail sessions and conferences)
References who can confirm your suitability as a presenter: (Include phone number)

I wish to apply to present a pre-conference event in addition to weekend sessions:
Note: Preconvention events are generally a set price with a set payment made to the presenter per attendee (we cover the costs of the event, marketing, taking and disbursing the payments).
Important: If you have special requirements that cost extra, like manuals or equipment please submit an application and note in the "other" field any pertinent information which will be discussed in advance of an offer to present being made.

REMINDER: All weekend session slots are 1 hour, please refer to www.fitex.co.nz/presenter for information on split level or longer sessions.

How many sessions do you have available for presentation?
How many of the submitted sessions would you be happy to present?


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